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Deborah Whitman on "Speaking about Patents" video

This was part of a speech I made recently at an event in San Diego on 3-20-10 about the Hughes Aircraft US Patent that talks about equipment used to spread oxides of metals in the sky to help reduce Global Warming. I also talk about the certified lab tests in Northern California that show chemical contamination in our lakes, etc. I have recently conducted certified tests on tree bark of dying trees (Redwoods and Pines) that are positive with the same types of chemicals, aluminum, barium, strontium and titanium. These chemicals should not be in our tree bark. I encourage all of you to start looking carefully at the trees in your area for: Silver-White Bark, thinning of the canopy, fungus, etc. They are dying at an alarming rate. Send me photographs with the date/time/location/type of tree and we will consider posting them on our website. Do you think there is a link between the weather modification programs that are part of geo-engineering the weather? I do. If you would like your trees tested for these chemicals/heavy metals, please contact me at (916) 595-7197. Could these chemicals/heavy metals also be the link to all the syndrome illnesses like: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple-chemical sensitivities, tumors, heart attacks, panic attacks, bi-polar disorder...? I do and we are currently studying both of these issues.


Deborah J. Whitman

Educational Videos/Presentations

Environmental Voices shows a series of environmental documentaries and videos at libraries and other venues. See the Environmental Voices “Calendar” for the dates, times and locations of these public events.

We are available to show environmental documentaries and videos at schools in your area. Special programs may also be developed to meet your school’s educational needs. Below is a list of videos:

  • 1. Health Affects of Smog
  • 2. The World According to Monsanto
  • 3. Sky Lines
  • 4. Water
  • 5. Dimming the Sun

For more information, contact Deborah J. Whitman at: (916) 595-7197.


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