The Curry Coastal Pilot - Military markers floating up on Oregon beaches

BBC - US admits Chemical Weapons Tests.

What in the World Are They Spraying?

Navy plans could affect more marine mammals


600 strains of an aerosolized thought control vaccine already tested on humans; deployed via air, food and water January 20, 2015 Read More


Geoengineering and the deliberate melting of the Arctic

By Michael Murphy

(INTELLIHUB) — As the climate change debate heats up in the world’s most dominating countries, so does the politics in those respective nations.  Many powerful governments and corporations are referencing the controversial issue of melting ice in the Arctic as proof that CO2 is the primary cause of global warming. They are also staking claim on the valuable resources below the ice (13% of the World’s oil reserves, shipping lanes and other resources) that can be obtained if a sufficient amount of ice is melted.

Because of this and the current ability through geoengineering and other methods to manipulate climate and melt the ice in certain regions, we must ask if the Arctic ice has been melting and, if so, is corporate/governmental interventions responsible for what can be attributed to the potential multi-trillion dollar industry of global warming. Read more




GeoCon Field Report


by Stewart Howe

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) held its annual meeting this past 18-22 February 2010.

Stewart Howe went to cover the four days of geoengineering (GE) symposia and Saturdays protest, on site at the San Diego CA Convention Center. The worlds leading geoengineering scientists, including Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Club of Rome panel members were in attendance. The most current proposed and considered climate intervention technology (CIT) was discussed. At least those not below radar in the hands of covert operations and distanced by compartmentalization from these scientists apparently confined to theoretical development rather than current aerosol deployment.

The Field Report is a glimpse behind the scenes, as well as out front, in the streets surrounding GeoCon 2010.

Several admissions and alarming statements were made in regards to potential harm, unelected (UN) global governance oversight, and concern about weaponization of CIT . It was admitted that GE has already been deployed in our oceans with "Iron enrichment/fertilization" operations. Also noteworthy and commendable was Professor David Keith's (IPCC, Club of Rome) willingness to come out and initiate open and candid conversation with protesters and concerned citizens. His closing statement to the crowd surrounding him was unexpected and encouraging. Quite a bit of inside footage has been made available for an upcoming documentary film on the subject, now in production. Stay tuned, this is sure to unfold into an astounding story.

view the youTube video here:

Where in the World is the Canary?


The Canary flew South to get some sunshine. Can you guess from these photographs where she has been?

2-14-10 - If you guessed Carmel, CA area you were correct. While on the beach she noticed sky lines and silver-white haze in the sky over Carmel, Monterey and Pebble Beach Golf Course and Big Sur. It was the final day of the AT&T Golf Tournament. For more information about these geo-engineering weather programs and the rally in San Diego on 2-20-10, please visit

2-15-10 - The Canary flew further down South and guess what she saw in the Santa Barbara area? If you guessed more of the same, you were correct and won the Tweetie Prize.

2-16-10 - TOXIC Los Angeles,CA. Yes, The Canary almost landed in Emergency after traveling up and down Wilshire Blvd. during heavy traffic and heavy aerosol spraying in Los Angeles. Downtown LA is not where you want to be if you want a healthy immune system. Carbon monoxide stays in the blood hemoglobin over 250 times longer than oxygen. If your body can't get rid if it fast enough, you are in big trouble. The Canaries in the coal mines would die from too much carbon monoxide. This Canary has had many more than 9 lives. The Canary recovered once again by driving to the ocean and getting away from the toxic chemicals, getting rest, drinking lots of filtered water, taking multi-vitamins.

2-17-10 The Canary made it to Sunny San Diego. She decided to nest at a major hotel but they are heating with gas which makes her not feel very good. She decided to go to a very nice restaurant for dinner and had to move to a different table because they sat her next to a gas stove where they were cooking. Gas is toxic and makes The Canary very sick. It's not good for anyone who breathes it.

Sorry for all the bad news. There is some good news. The Canary isn't dead yet!!!!

Background Information about the Canary

They call me "The Canary" because like the canaries that were used in coal mining I can detect toxic chemicals in the environment. Canaries were once regularly used in coal mining as an early warning system. Toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and methane in the mine would kill the bird before affecting the miners.

I will be traveling and sending photographs/stories about toxic chemicals that I see in the environment in an effort to bring an awareness about how TOXIC our world is and how these toxic chemicals are affecting our health and the environment.

The Canary flew the coop. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE CANARY?

February 10, 2010, Davis, CA - Geo-engineering weather programs were being conducted over Davis on the day that The Canary made a presentation to the California EPA - Air Resources Board about the dangers of the toxic chemicals used in these programs to our health and the environment. Reports of aerosol spraying came from other California locations (Redding/Napa/LA) on this day. Visit and for more information about these deadly programs and how to protect your health.

February 12, 2010, Sacramento, CA (Arden Fair) - The Canary was in Roseville, CA around 3:30 p.m. when she first saw the aerosol spraying begin. Her eyes began to burn and she had shortness of breath. Jet's continued to aerosol spray sky lines, man-made clouds and silver/white haze as she drove to Sacramento. This photograph was taken on Arden Way in Sacramento at 5:00 p.m.

February 12, 2010, Chuck E Cheese - The Canary was with family at Chuck E Cheese and got sick from the gas used to bake pizza. Gas is TOXIC!


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