A Consolidated List of Daily News Articles For CSE Exams

A Consolidated List of Daily News Articles For CSE Exams

The Daily News is a daily newspaper founded in 1919 and based in New York City. Its mission is to inform the public about local, national, and international affairs, as well as New York City itself. Known for its zesty headlines, including “Ford to City: Drop Dead” during the city’s financial crisis in 1975, as well as gossip, city coverage and star columnists such as Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill, the newspaper has won numerous awards over the years. It has a current circulation of over 1 million.

In 2019, the Daily News and ProPublica won a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on how police use an obscure law to evict low-income residents from their homes. The newspaper’s editorials and opinion pieces also often provide different points of view on news stories. Its staff includes a number of well-known journalists and authors, such as William F. Buckley, Lan Samantha Chang, John Hersey, Joseph Lieberman, and Strobe Talbott. The newspaper has also produced several special issues each year, including the Yale-Harvard Game Day Issue and the Commencement Issue.

The newspaper’s online edition features an extensive archive of photos, videos, articles, and other multimedia content, as well as a mobile-friendly layout. The site also hosts a variety of blogs and podcasts, many of which feature interviews with prominent political figures. In addition, the website offers an extensive collection of historical and contemporary news and commentary on politics, business, sports, and culture.

Each Daily News article contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, as well as “Background” and “Resources” sections to help students understand the news story. Each article also includes a “Sign Up” section where users can receive daily email alerts with the answers to the questions.

News and commentary on politics, business, sports, celebrities, pop culture, and current events. Also includes a crossword, puzzles, and word search.

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