Key Issues Facing the Global Community in 2020

Key Issues Facing the Global Community in 2020


Law is a system of rules enforceable by social institutions and governments. It forms the basis for politics and economics, and it also serves as a mediator of relations between people. In most cases, law is determined through the decisions of courts. However, sometimes a person or group can make the rules themselves.

There are three main categories of law: common law, civil law, and international law. They each have differences. For instance, a state-enforced law is made by an executive or a legislator, whereas a private individual may make a legally binding contract. Common law is a system based on judicial decisions and a doctrine of precedent.

The International Court of Justice, or World Court, is the primary dispute settlement body of the United Nations. Since its establishment in 1946, the Court has issued over 170 judgments and advisory opinions. The International Law Commission is another organization that helps the United Nations promote the progressive development of international law. This Organization is composed of 34 members representing the world’s principal legal systems. Each member serves as an expert in his or her own country and provides advice to the General Assembly on issues related to international law.

In general, there are two types of common law: statutes and case law. A statute is a document containing the laws that are enforceable. An example of a statute is the US Uniform Commercial Code, which codifies commercial principles. Other examples of a statute are state law, which governs the constitution of a state.

In common law, the doctrine of precedent means that the decisions of higher courts will bind lower courts. Therefore, the authority of a specific case will depend on its age, its closeness to the facts, its persuasiveness, and its bindingness.

While common law legal systems are based on statutes, they are less detailed than the more detailed systems of civil law. For example, a statutory land registration system includes easements. Similarly, a rental agreement would be governed by the mortgage law. Similarly, banking law sets minimum capital requirements for banks.

Case law is a collection of judicial decisions and previous judicial decisions that have been analyzed and interpreted by courts. These judicial decisions have been collected and analyzed to determine the authority of the law.

Some of the key issues facing the global community in 2020 include immigration, human trafficking, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, environmental concerns, voting issues, and more. More information about these issues can be found on government websites. Fortunately, online services such as Lexis/Nexis’ Shepard’s Citations allow users to search for and easily obtain up-to-date information.

The concept of “natural law” has also emerged as a major theme in contemporary culture, most notably in the works of Thomas Aquinas. This has come to be considered as the foundation of modern sociology of law.

Today, the United Nations is a pioneer in the field of legal work, and its legal work includes combating terrorism, protecting the environment, and curbing drug trafficking. Additionally, the Secretary-General receives over 500 multilateral treaties.