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Our Toxic World

We now live in a toxic world. Daily low-dose exposure to toxic chemicals in our food, water, body products, air, soil, homes, businesses... have a devasting affect on our immune systems, which can lead to chronic illness and sometimes death. Below are some time on how to stay healthy:

  • 1. Eat fresh organic foods. (Fruit/Veggies/Nuts)

  • 2. Read Food Labels – Avoid foods with chemicals.

  • 3. Filter your water to eliminate toxic chemicals and use a shower water filter designed to take out chemicals.

  • 4. Do not use hair/body products, unless natural like Grape Seed Oil, to moisturize hair/body.

  • 5. Stay away from all scented products that are not natural like (perfumes, hairspray, room fresheners, scented candles…).

  • 6. Cook/Bake with electric heat (Gas is toxic).

  • 7. Heat your home with electric not gas (Gas is toxic).

  • 8. Do not use wood burning fireplaces/stoves or gas fireplaces. Their toxic chemicals weaken your immune system and burn oxygen.

  • 9. Avoid long exposure to the sun so you won’t need to use sunscreen. (Read labels on sunscreens)

  • 10. Do not swim in swimming pools/spas. Toxic chlorine and other chemicals are used to kill bacteria.

  • 11. Do not live near military bases, airports, train stations, truck stops, coal burning plants, lumber mills, factories…There are a lot of toxic chemicals at these locations. Before purchasing a home research the area for possible toxic exposures.

  • 12. Do not use pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.

  • 13. Do not use toxic household cleaners.

  • 14. Be tested for chemicals in your body.

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Chemical Sensitivity

It may not be surprising that chemical exposure seems to make some people ill, as we are now exposed to many more man-made chemicals than ever before. Most have not been fully tested even for individual toxicity. Even fewer have been checked for the possibility that combinations could give problems not seen with exposure to a single substance.

Chemicals enter the body by being ingested (in food, as additives, in water, from the hands, or as drugs), inhaled, injected, or by being absorbed through the skin...

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